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We can provide all of your moving needs, as well as extra services like furniture rearranging, loading and unloading, and delivery services, for residential homes, apartments, condos, and everything in between.

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moving tips

Moving is a big endeavor, use our to-do list and moving tips to help you ensure you’re prepared:

One month before your move

  • Find out if the movers are insured. You might need to buy more insurance.
  • Do not let hourly pricing fool you. Ask about any additional fees, such as those for petrol and mileage.
  • To inform them of your residence change, get in touch with the provincial health and driving licence offices.
  • Inform your bank manager of your new address by getting in touch with them.
    Inform the post office of your address change.
  • Assemble all necessary papers.
  • Make an elevator reservation if you are moving into or out of an apartment (this is crucial!).


Two weeks before your move

  • Examine carefully what needs to be moved and what doesn’t.
  • Conduct a moving sale. Remove anything that is not required.
  • Make arrangements for the transfer of utilities, such as your home phone.
  • If you’re going to do it yourself, start packing.
  • Label every box.


One week before your move

  • Make a list of everything you want to bring with you, including any jewellery or other valuables that you don’t want to leave in the care of movers.
  • Unfasten or disassemble everything that requires it (not for gold service customers).
  • Make a list of all the remaining items.
  • Check your reservation with the moving company again.
  • Air dry the deep freezer after defrosting it.


Two days before your move

  • Do one final load of clothes. Drain and disconnect the washing machine.
  • Unplug, defrost, and let the refrigerator air dry.
  • Apply a thick layer of wax on delicate furniture to protect it.


One day before your move

  • Put whatever you intend to bring with you in your bag. Write “DO NOT LOAD” on them. Before the movers show up, it would be preferable if these were out of the house.


Moving day:

  • Reduce the amount of dirt that is tracked inside the house by laying down plastic sheeting.
  • Make sure the movers understand all of your instructions as you guide them through the house.
  • Plan to bring snacks, coffee, tea, milk, bread, and other items with you. The day will be long.
  • Be that the utilities have been turned on and the metres have been read in your new house.
  • The rooms for the kids and the essentials for the kitchen and bathroom will be the first things to be unpacked.


Our moving advice is intended to make your transition as simple as we can.



Storage Units

We will provide you with a very affordable package to handle your moving, storage, and return of your item needs. so you can verify that the job is finished. You may save money and use it for other initiatives thanks to our unbeatable pricing range.


We have 5 - 26 Foot Box Trucks in our fleet that will service our residential and commercial moves that are fully insured and well maintained.

Corporate Relocation

Dedicated to both local and long-distance delivery, Mrs. Moves We are constantly looking for new commercial customers to provide with continuing and consistent delivery services.

Relocating Your Home

We are aware that moving your house can be stressful. However, we've mastered the art of inexpensive and painless moving, so let us handle everything!
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